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Little boy at the dentist’s office playing with his teddy bear
Marija Pejovic

Great experience for our boy and us. Very professional and punctual team at Big Tooth Boca. Our son is still excited and Dr. Levin made him so proud that he is still talking about his experience at the dentist. Thank you for having us!

Marija Pejovic


Big Tooth Boca is a full service pediatric dental office. We service patients from birth to 18 years old. Once you join the Big Tooth Boca family you will receive old-fashioned service with the most modern dental treatment available.

By ‘old-fashioned service’ we mean no wait time, easy accessibility via phone, text or email, continuity of care with the same familiar smiling faces at each visit, tailored treatment to your child’s specific needs, and our undivided attention during your appointment.

Preventative Care

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, it is recommended that children visit the dentist within six months of the eruption of their first tooth or by age one, whichever comes first. This will help establish a dental home and ensure that your child receives routine dental cleanings and exams to maintain a healthy oral cavity and proper oral hygiene.

At each visit, our staff will provide you with information on what to expect at each stage of your child's development and suggestions on ways to help enhance your child's oral health. It is important to develop a habit of visiting the dentist every six months from an early age, as this will help establish positive dental habits that will extend into adulthood.

Dental Sealants

Have you ever noticed food sticking to the chewing surface of your child’s teeth? Sealants coat and seal these grooves with a protective barrier that is easy to apply and provides years of protection against cavities. Ours are BPA-free!