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Sedation Dentistry


Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is a safe and effective mild sedative agent used to calm a child during their dental visit. When inhaled, this gas compound helps induce a state of relaxation and comfort before and during a procedure. Nitrous oxide is administered via a small mask placed over the child’s nose. As your child breathes normally, they’ll start to feel more relaxed. We can then perform the necessary procedure(s) without your child feeling pain or anxiety. Once the treatment is completed, 100% oxygen is administered and the nitrous oxide will wear off in just a few short minutes.


General anesthesia may be recommended for a child for several reasons. Most commonly, general anesthesia is recommended when a child has special circumstances that will not allow them to cooperate for needed treatment. Often, when general anesthesia is recommended, there is a large amount of dental treatment needed or the procedure is too long or uncomfortable to be tolerated by the patient in an awake state.

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It is our goal to provide safe and excellent care and to provide a non-traumatic experience for our patients. Sometimes, this is only possible by using general anesthesia.

Dr. Levin provides full mouth dental rehabilitation to patients under general anesthesia at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. A pediatric anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia and closely monitor the patient’s vitals throughout the procedure as Dr. Levin completes the necessary dental treatment. Patients under general anesthesia remember nothing about the dental procedure.

"rosy" "rosey" "laura" "lien" "lein" "lion"
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