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Orthodontics For Kids: What To Expect During Treatment?


Orthodontics is a specialized way treatment of dentistry that focuses on correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontic treatment is usually recommended for children whose teeth and jaws are still developing, as it can help prevent future dental problems and improve their overall oral health. Consider consulting a professional Childrens Dentist Boca Raton, who is an expert professional serving for years with satisfactory results and providing successful treatments ensuring the safety of your child. If your child has been recommended for orthodontic treatment, you may be wondering what to expect during the process. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at orthodontics for kids and what you can expect during treatment.

What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of braces, aligners, and other appliances to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. This can include problems such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, and crowding. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to create a straighter, healthier smile and to improve the function of the teeth and jaws.

When Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary For Kids?

Orthodontic treatment is usually recommended for children between the ages of 8 and 14, as this is when their teeth and jaws are still developing. Early treatment can help prevent more serious dental problems from developing later on and can also make the orthodontic process easier and more effective. However, orthodontic treatment can be done at any age, and many adults choose to get braces or aligners to improve their smile and oral health.


What To Expect During Orthodontic Treatment For Kids

Consultation And Examination

The first step in the orthodontic process is a consultation with an orthodontist. During this visit, the orthodontist will examine your child’s teeth and jaws and take x-rays and photographs to get a better idea of the alignment and positioning of the teeth. The orthodontist will then develop a customized treatment plan based on your child’s needs and goals.

Placement Of Braces Or Aligners

The next step in the orthodontic process is the placement of braces or aligners. Braces are made up of brackets, wires, and bands that are attached to the teeth and adjusted over time to gradually move the teeth into the correct position. Aligners are clear plastic trays that are worn over the teeth and changed out every few weeks to gradually shift the teeth into the correct position. Both braces and aligners may cause some discomfort or soreness at first, but this should subside within a few days.

Adjustments And Check-ups

Throughout the orthodontic process, your child will need to visit the orthodontist regularly for adjustments and check-ups. During these visits, the orthodontist will adjust the braces or aligners to ensure that the teeth are moving into the correct position. They may also provide additional appliances or treatments as needed to correct specific dental problems.

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is especially important during orthodontic treatment. Braces and aligners can make it harder to clean the teeth and gums, so it’s important for your child to brush and floss regularly and follow the orthodontist’s instructions for care. They may also need to avoid certain foods that can damage or get stuck in the braces or aligners.

Completion Of Treatment

The length of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the severity of the dental problems being corrected, but most kids wear braces or aligners for an average of 18-24 months. Once the treatment is complete, your child will need to wear a retainer to help maintain the new position of the teeth. The orthodontist will provide instructions for wearing and caring for the retainer.


Orthodontic treatment can help improve your child’s smile and oral health by correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. If your child has been recommended for orthodontic treatment, it’s important to understand what to expect during the process. By working closely with your child’s orthodontist and following their instructions for care, you can help ensure that the treatment is successful and that your child achieves a straighter, healthier smile. If you have any questions or concerns about orthodontic treatment for your child, consider speaking with the professional child specialist Big Tooth Boca. They can provide you with additional information and guidance, also providing you with the best treatment and how to best support your child throughout the process.

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