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Meet The Staff

Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist

Judy/Front Desk Concierge/Cruise Director

Judy has been a cruise lover for years. She has been on dozens of cruises and has never met a ship she didn’t like. Her favorite pastime is dancing and loves telling jokes to make people laugh: an original you may hear from Judy ‘Why did the turtle cross the street? To go to the ShellStation.’ Her 4 grandchildren are the light of her
life, and she loves spending time with them. Judy has dedicated 32 years as a team member at Big Tooth Boca!

Ivon/Dental Assistant/Athletic Director

Ivon brings her Cuban roots to Boca Raton, Florida. She loves watching football and is a big fan of the Miami Dolphins-go ‘Fins.’ Ivon loves the beach and all things tropical. You can find her on the beach sipping a piña colada with her family and friends. Ivon has been part of the Big Tooth Boca team for 32 years.

Jennifer/Dental Assistant/Foodie

Jennifer is a foodie who loves to cook gluten-free dishes. She owns Blissful Pooch Barkery, which specializes in healthy doggy treats. Jennifer is always juicing or cooking something new in her kitchen- whether it’s a gluten-free dish or a new treat for her four-legged friends. She has one dog of her own. Jennifer has been part of the Big Tooth Boca team for 16 years!

Evanjalin/Dental Assistant/Botanist

Evanjalin was born in the mystical land of Sri Lanka where she learned to garden and grow her own produce at a very young age. Evanjalin continues to perfect her gardening skills. In fact, she grows all her own produce including eggplant and tomatoes! Her green thumb has turned into a bit of a legend in her neighborhood, and everyone knows that if they need fresh produce, they can find it at Evanjalin’s house. As far as the New York Giants, Evanjalin is a diehard fan. Evanjalin is always cheerful and has recently joined the Big Tooth Boca team.

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